Inaugural Global Games Summit 2023 | Focus 2023: Esport

The 2023 Global Games Summit is now fully booked – please look out for more information on next year’s event


Past event
22 August 2023, 10:00 - 23 August 2023 UTC +00:00

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About GGS

Global Games Summit is a one-day conference by the leading academics which will explore the legal issues currently affecting the games industry. Only those who have pre-registered will be admitted.

The Format

The format, of this unique and fast-paced conference, will include ‘bite-sized’ infor-mation pieces and discussions led by leading academics, regulators and industry participants.

Global Games Summit aims to build a community of business professionals and legal experts focused on the games industry where stakeholders can exchange, and discuss, leading edge insights, knowledge and market trends.

You will, we’re sure, be pleased to hear we’ve done away with the traditional conference format of lengthy presentations and followed by the obligatory Q&A session. Instead, the sessions will be interactive where active engagement is not just encouraged but applauded.

The key objective of talking to and learning from your peers and sector experts, is to help you clarify the way forward for your business.

The Organizer

The GGS has been initiated by the World Esports Association
(WESA), the University of Cologne
and the George Washington University in order to establish a unique platform
for the leading academics from various universities and to initiate an ex-change between the academic world and the industry.

In short, Global Games Summit is all about creating meaningful connections and accelerating your understanding of the industry.

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